Kristie Post Wallace

Kristie is a director, filmmaker, writer, and storyteller. Kristie is excited by stories from various eras that exist in conversation with our world today, point to current events, and help us gain a greater perspective on our diverse world. She focuses on female driven narratives.


Creatively, Kristie writes screenplays and short stories, devises shows, and writes songs and tells choose-your-adventure style stories with her 3 fierce daughters.  

Kristie is a Salt Lake City based artist, BYU Theatre and Media Arts Adjunct Faculty, University of Washington School of Drama MFA in Directing graduate, and a proud Associate Member of SDC. 



"[the production was] satirical and funny, with a beautiful connection to the current state of the world." Niv Joshi

"...wonderful talent..." Front Row Reviewers

"Wallace...put together a graceful piece of art" The Daily

"...creativity and energy.... relevant..." The Daily

"...by far one of the most talented, fun, and enjoyable performances I have ever had the opportunity to attend."  Front Row Reviewers