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WELCOME to KPW Creative Blog

Welcome to my view of the world!

Here is where I will explore contemplative wanderings, short stories, screenwriting, poems and songs, and research and wonderings.

Hi Y'all! I'm Kristie Post Wallace, a Salt Lake City-based freelance writer, director, performer, and teaching artists. By day I am an adjunct professor of Theatre at Utah Valley University and the rest of the time I am a storyteller, creator, and mother of three. Right now, my storytelling mediums are theatre, screenwriting, and short stories. This blog has a multi-faceted purpose: to put my writing out into the world, to share my research on work I am currently doing (dramaturgy and story research), share my poems and songs, and to share some of my thoughts on the world as I move through it. I am also a screenwriter and am developing several short and feature films. I love to laugh and to learn. I have an M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Washington as well as over a decade experience working in theatre and education (6 years secondary education and over 5 years in higher education).

Others Talents I Possess

I am obsessed with stories! I love movies, television, and new work plays. I also am passionate about each new production of a play having a fresh point-of-view that enhance the messages of the writers. I have over a decade experience in coaching actors, audition coaching for musicals and dialogue plays, teaching story structures for plays and film, directing, and performing.

Let's create a community together!

As a creative, I deeply believe that we are not islands. I would love to connect, create, and cheer with you! Let's make something together and support each other's work!

Leave a comment, send me an email, share my work on social media, and connect with me!

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